Presentation Skills

Presenting is a skill, and a skill can be learned. I have taught presentation skills to PhD students at KI close to 10 years and I love it. These are some of my best principles from teaching presentation skills, and presenting.

One person in seven is uncomfortable speaking in public, this is usually from an uncomfortable experience in school, and every fear, in my world, is a lack of information sometimes coupled with a fear conditioning.

The fear conditioning is often easy to reset with tapping or Havening, but it does not convert the now fearless person into a great presenter. This is a craft that is practised and refined.

Any craft can be divided into three areas.

What you need to know

This is information, that can be read in a book or found online.

Example: "what is a guitar, where can I find it, how long would it take to learn and how can I go about it?"

What you need to have

This is a resource, for many skills nothing is needed, for some it is necessary.

Example: a guitar

What you need to do

This is what is essential, you need to have the resource and information and now you need to refine the following steps:

  1. Find a curious state of "I want to explore this" to be able to learn
  2. Start getting experience, personal "data-points" of what it is like
  3. Evaluate the learning to know what to refine, to avoid practicing mistakes
  4. Refine a performance state that is relevant to this skill

When it comes specifically to presentation skills you may wish to understand principles such as

  • How to structure and tell a story
  • How to make it urgent enough to compel
  • Finding the facts and arguments that support it
  • Understanding metaphor
  • Creating the support needed in props, visuals or other media
  • Regulating stress and finding a performance state
  • Delivering authentically and credibly, as if to your best friend
  • Having a call for action or take home message

I created an online resource with all basic skills. I share this resource freely because I believe in the importance of research and that how it is presented may be crucial to it's spreading. Feel free to share it to anyone you believe will benefit.

Link to resource >>

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