Remarkable Change

"With experience spanning decades, Ulf Sandström combines his expertise in mental training and trauma recovery with exceptional facilitation skills to foster positive transformation in teams and individuals"

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Ulf Sandström, leading trauma therapist and mental coach in Sweden, confidently smiling on stage during an international speaking engagement in a well-lit auditorium.

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Remarkable Change

For people’s wellbeing

I have dedicated a great part of my life to fostering human well-being — advancing individuals, teams, and organizations to their full potential. Born to Swedish diplomats, my upbringing across different cultures nurtured my passion for understanding and elevating human potential at an early age. Today I am blessed to work all over the world with  mental training, trauma recovery, and humanitarian initiatives.

I am  honored to be an ACEP humanitarian award-winner, author of multiple publications, and a co-founder of the internationally recognized NGO — Peaceful Heart Network.

On a stage in an Indian school, global trauma therapist Gunilla Hamne, hypnotist and NLP practitioner Fredrik Praesto, and Ulf Sandström wave and smile to the camera. Behind them, a large audience of middle school children and their teacher mirror their behaviour.
Ulf is one of the most visionary and sharp minds I have had the pleasure to know. His approach is distinctly creative, consistently igniting new insights.
Michael Grinder
Group Dynamics Expert

Change from within

Whether you're an individual, team, or a business, I will apply my full experience—from human extremes and interactions to clinical studies and fieldwork—to deliver a validated toolset for profound change.

There are people who spend years in talking and exposure therapy or rely on medication to manage symptoms of PTSD, trauma, phobias, depression, or similar challenges.

In my experience it can be possible to resolve some of these issues with methods that take in consideration neurology, conditioning and thought patterns—sometimes  in a single session, sometimes in two or three.


Transformative sessions led for personal and team growth.


Global public engagements and speaking appearances.


Individuals reached with trauma and post-conflict care.
Illustration of a head filled with radiant rainbow colors, showing a mind at peace, enlightened, and deeply connected within.
I felt so secure with Ulf and the way he took the time and had patience for every individual, was truly amazing. Ulf really helped me move forward.
Emma Valk
Your Majesty

I have a passion for unlocking human potential, and will combine decades of experience with innovative techniques to craft processes that are tailored to make a  difference for you.

Guiding you through personal transformation, elevating your team's performance, or facilitating impactful learning experiences; every engagement is purposefully designed to address specific needs and foster meaningful progress. Explore how I can be of service to you among my services.

Real change. Lasting impact. Tangible results.

Man in solitude on a dock in the Swiss Alps, gazing at a tranquil lake. This serene scene mirrors the peace and growth possible with Ulf Sandström's personalized coaching and therapy to overcome anxiety and navigate trauma.

Coaching & Therapy

A personalized session to help you overcome anxiety, navigate trauma, or elevate performance

Bobby Wood taking a shot as a result of a well-executed corner routine during a Hamburg SV vs. RCD Espanyol match. Symbolizing the synchronized teamwork Ulf Sandström helps to cultivate, by boosting team engagement and unlocking exceptional results.

Optimizing Teams

A tailored process to boost team engagement, improve communication, and unlock exceptional results

An engaged audience in a dim auditorium illuminated by a single ray of sun, eagerly raising hands to participate, exemplifying the deep engagement and transformative insights of Ulf Sandström's workshops and talks.

Workshops & Talks

Experiential learning empowering you with skills and insights that can make a difference

Diverse participants joining hands, symbolizing unity and readiness to delve into Ulf Sandström's transformative courses. Designed to immerse individuals in deep knowledge and skills, they cover themes such as Havening Techniques, the STM model, and hypnosis.


Learn to master transformative techniques through immersive learning experiences.

Tools & Inspiration


As an author I seek to craft engaging tales that bridge the realms of mind and spirit. I enjoy delving into the realms of trauma relief, self-exploration, and hypnosis. My works are available in multiple languages — spanning books, audiobooks, and podcasts. From the pragmatic guidance in "Trauma Tapping Technique" to the hypnotically written "Unpack Your Existence," each creation offers a transformative journey, anchored in research, lived experience, and heartfelt dedication.

Selected Publications

The cover of the book Trauma Tapping Technique.
The cover of the book Unpack Your Existence.
The cover of the audiobook Själens Lif.
The cover of the podcast Mental träning i hypnos.