About Ulf

"With a career spanning decades, Ulf Sandström has devoted his life to the well-being of others. From touring the world as a musician to pioneering the field of mental health, Ulf’s unique background allows him to bring a wealth of experience to every challenge. His long-standing commitment to uplifting both collectives and individuals has earned him global recognition as an innovator in fields ranging from therapy, education, and humanitarian work."


A Global Upbringing

Born to Swedish diplomats in Colombia, Ulf's uncommon upbringing took some of its first steps in Cuba,  in close proximity to Fidel Castro due to his father's diplomatic work. As the years went by, Ulf called six different countries home, each leaving a unique imprint on him. From  the harshness of  Soviet-ruled communism to the oppressiveness of military dictatorship — This rich tapestry of experiences provided the foundation for his deep understanding of human perspectives, shaped by firsthand exposure to both ends of the socio-economic spectrum.

Ulf Sandström and his father, Swedish diplomat Anders Sandström, in Cuba, attentively listening to Ramón Castro, Fidel's elder brother. This encounter symbolizes Ulf's unique exposure to world politics and the complexities of differing social systems.
Ramón Castro, Ulf, and Ulf's father Anders in Cuba.
Ulf Sandström seated beside his musical mentor, Clarence “Frogman” Henry, at Frogman's residence in New Orleans, capturing a moment of their shared passion for music that laid the foundation for Ulf's global musical journey and his exploration into human behaviour.

From Melodies to Mindfulness

Throughout his travels, Ulf developed a fascination for the nuances in human behaviour across cultures. As a musician, he has connected with audiences worldwide, from the jazz clubs of New Orleans to the traditional theaters of Korea, tallying up over 4,000 live performances by now. Ulf's journey then took him into the realms of hypnosis, energy tapping, and numerous transformative techniques. This eventually led him to post-genocide Rwanda and Congo, where he employs his  knowledge of how to alleviate symptoms of stress and trauma through the Peaceful Heart Network, expanding to many other countries over the years and reaching many thousands of people.

Ulf and his musical mentor Clarence “Frogman” Henry in New Orleans.

Breaking Barriers in Minutes

Today, Ulf has transformed the lives of countless people, enabling them to break free from long-standing emotional and psychological barriers. With an approach grounded in his diverse experiences, Ulf specializes in helping individuals who have grappled with conditions like PTS, trauma, stress, and depression for years, often with little relief from traditional talk therapy or medication. Using his proven methods, Ulf will help to unlock issues from the root—sometimes in as little as 7 minutes sometimes in several sessions.

Ulf Sandström in Rwanda at a trauma workshop with Peaceful Heart Network.

Experience & Adventures

Living with the Aché Tribe

Ulf’s travels once led him to the Aché Tribe in Brazil, known for their hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Here, he immersed himself in their way of life to understand survival and cooperation at its core. This deeply transformative experience offered Ulf profound insight into human resilience.

Building a digital tool for trauma aid

In collaboration with design firm Your Majesty, Ulf and his colleague Gunilla Hamne co-designed a digital platform tailored to aid Syrian refugees in stress and trauma relief. Crafted with care and expertise, this accessible tool provides immediate aid in times of crisis. Explore the app Self Help For Trauma.

Meeting Fidel Castro

As the son of Swedish diplomats, Ulf had a unique upbringing which brought him close to Fidel Castro. This unparalleled exposure offered Ulf deep insights into the complexities of world politics, media, and social systems and served as an invaluable learning experience.

Touring the world as a musician

With a musical career spanning over 4,000 gigs, Ulf has honed his skills in audience interaction, team dynamics and creative flow. Although not always easy, it has offered real-world lessons on fostering team spirit in challenging conditions and always delivering the best possible result on time.

Advancing practical therapy in India

Together with the Institute of Complementary Medicine in India, Ulf has established a distinct program for brief psychological interventions. Engineered for efficiency, its design offers a scalable model to preserve intellectual capital in diverse medical and corporate settings.

Lecturing at Karolinska Institutet

For over half a decade Ulf has taught advanced presentation skills to PhD students at Karolinska Institutet. His approach combines structured rhetoric with non-verbal cues, empowering the students to effectively communicate and share their scientific findings with expert audiences.

Ulf Sandström, radiating an adventurous and explorative spirit, stands in the Brazilian rainforest, holding a Tufted Capuchin monkey. His face is adorned with dotted tribal patterns of the Aché tribe, representing their ceremonial and hunting traditions. The scene encapsulates Ulf's inspiring journey into the heart of the tribe's way of life, showcasing his commitment to understanding human resilience.
Ulf during his time with the Aché Indians in Brazil.
Ulf performing together with  the Acappella Sisters in Cuba

Training & Education


After Action Review

MSB - Barents Action 19

Conflict Resolution

Aldo Civico

Verbal First Aid

Judith Simon Prager

Mental Sports Training


Mental Training Counsellor


Cognition studies

University of Skövde



Applied Neurofeedback and Trauma Tapping

Beemedic, UK

Humanitarian Havening

Havening Conference, Dublin

Unlocking Creativity

The North Alliance

The Allsvenskan Model for Optimizing Work Teams

Design Circus at Doberman

Sharing Ripples of Healing in Humanitarian Outreach


Emotional First Aid

Kitrinos Healthcare, Lesbos



Advanced Presentation Skills for PhD Students

Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

Havening Techniques

Abstract Training AB

Speed inductions and speed coaching

Abstract Training AB

Advanced content free work with mental techniques, NLP, Clean Language and somatic interventions

Mentales Stärken 2023

Emotional Interventions in mixed therapy

Dr. Martin Brunck, Hannover

Trauma care for liberated child soldiers

BVES, DR Kongo