My  catalogue aims to be a dedicated resource for your  personal growth and self-development. From pragmatic guides to hypnotically crafted podcasts, my work, and the work of my colleagues, touches on a broad array of subjects, all with the aim of enhancing your life.

Available in multiple languages, each piece—whether a book, audiobook, or podcast—is carefully crafted to guide you toward a deeper sense of well-being and understanding.


The cover of the book Trauma Tapping Technique.

Trauma Tapping Technique

Ulf Sandström, Gunilla Hamne


The Trauma Tapping Technique is easy enough to be learned by children, powerful enough to astound doctors and counselors, and capable of providing permanent relief for long-term survivors of trauma. The book, written with my colleague Gunilla Hamne, explains the technique, the science, and its effects, as well as how you can apply them. See

The cover of the book Unpack Your Existence.

Unpack Your Existence

Ulf Sandström, Fredrik Praesto, Don T. Bidoux


Unpack Your Existence is one of my proudest works with Fredrik Praesto. It provides you with ways to explore your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Explore sustainable road maps to joy, meaning and pleasure. Written hypnotically, it will affect you whether you understand it or not.

The cover of the audiobook Själens Lif.

The life of the soul

Lucie Lagerbielke, Ulf Sandström


Lucie Lagerbielke's writing is inspiring and fascinating: we human beings are spiritual creatures seeking connection with others to explore ourselves and our existence, to find meaning in our journey on Earth beyond commerce and material or social success. "Själens Lif" (The Soul's Life) - a book dedicated to the lonely - is one of her most acclaimed works. I have recorded the audiobook to share it.

The cover of the podcast Mental träning i hypnos.

Mental Träning i Hypnos

Ulf Sandström


Self-hypnosis combined with Mental Training for everything from achieving peaceful sleep to letting go of sorrow and pain, or finding joy. Some of the most effective sessions I have done, which you can explore at your own pace here, in Swedish. For English see Tools and Inspiration : Audio.

En Pod Om Allt

Ulf Sandström, Fredrik Praesto


What if it in't so?

Critical Thinking Hypnosis

Ulf Sandström, Fredrik Praesto


To think is to be. To think in fear is to be uninformed. To be informed is to be able to think constructively. To be informed you need your own data points in addition to those of others.

Mental Training

Mental Training - Swedish

Ulf Sandström


A model for team development used for the All Swedish with football teams Dalkurd FF, AIK and Jönköping FF