Hypnosis for headache and face paralysis (case)

It was summer. It was a party. I had just turned 19 and was most immortal in my life. I ended up in a fight. The journey for help ended up in a respirator!

Text byJimmy Lundström

The summer of 1992 I was at a friend's party in Degerfors. In the early hours, my friends went to the neighboring town of Karlskoga, about 1 mile away. But I wanted to continue the party with another friend. On the way there, I got into a fight. They had hit me with an iron pipe. Bleeding heavily, I ran back to my motorcycle, according to witnesses. Because I don't remember anything from the day of the accident. In an agitated state, I took the motorcycle, the helmet was locked, I was intoxicated, and the journey was towards my friends in Karlskoga.

The journey ended in the big Karlskoga roundabout, where I fell and landed headfirst in the guardrail. The first person to arrive at the scene, a retired military medic, checked if my heart was beating, and it was. Then he checked if I could breathe, but I had swallowed my tongue backward. When he had pulled my tongue back up, I still couldn't breathe. So he lifted me up on his back, and then I started breathing. Then he thought, "Now the airways are clear." So he laid me down again. Then I stopped breathing again. So he held me until the ambulance arrived.

When I woke up from the respirator after eleven days, the tough fight began. That's when I thought, "What bad luck I had to survive." I couldn't walk, I couldn't talk. I couldn't even hold up my head without support. Is it fun to live like that? To be a care package with an uncertain future.

I quickly got much better and gradually regained my speech after about a month, and after about two months, I could walk. But about six years after the accident, my headaches started. After eight years, I got epilepsy. But I don't suffer from it today because I take medication for it. But I still have a headache today. I have had a headache every day since 2000.

I went to Stockholm to try hypnosis. Here is my perception and communication with Ulf after. "I just wanted to tell you what I felt during the journey I took home. It's difficult to explain. Made several discoveries. I suffer from brain fatigue. It becomes difficult to drive long distances. But I was alert all the way. I said I was logical. The logical thing would be to give people with brain fatigue hypnosis.

I became so much happier. Felt more positive energy for life. Continued to think. Why not use hypnosis for people who have suicidal thoughts to find joy in life? I had a headache today. But not in the same way. I just took a little bit of the tablet I usually take. The pain is completely gone. I'm feeling great in my life right now.

I have noticed one more thing, that I am not tense on the right side as before. I force myself to use the right side. It's much easier now because the right side is not as tense. You really encourage me. I, as a disabled person, have a stamp that I can't do as much. It's just like that. Today, I have only taken half a citodon in total. Makes me happy. I would really like to tell the healthcare system that hypnosis has really helped me become more joyful. Everyone benefits from it. The depressed, the healthcare system, the insurance agency, the employment agency, plus many others. A whole new life has begun, and I want to tell EVERYONE to never give up their dreams.

I have discovered why I get pain. This is because I am tense in the muscles on the right side. With the help of hypnosis, by Ulf Sandström, I have become much more relaxed. After 18 years of headaches, the pain has decreased drastically. I usually used to take about two citodon tablets in 4 halves per day. After a hypnosis I did on Monday, I reduced my tablet intake. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I took 1/4 tablet per day. Thursday and Friday, I took no tablets. Today, Friday, I felt compelled to take 1/4 tablet. Oh well. I have actually taken a tablet of Treo every day. But it's still a reduction. I sometimes have pain. But much less. I have finally started to get my future back.

Never give up! I had my friends, my family, and great support from various authorities that helped me achieve my future dreams. I fought, experienced setbacks, changed my future visions and dreams. But I'm alive, I have two wonderful children. Can life get any better? Yes, it can. But I have something to live for - Family and the future!

What do we learn?

Paralysis can be psychologically triggered. Hypnosis can help.

How can we use this?

It's worth trying different ways to get past what is both physical and psychological.

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