Hypnobirthing comes in many different forms, and is based on you learning to control your nervous system and your mental focus, as well as your partner taking an active role that facilitates the birth process through mental training with hypnosis.

Those who participate learn the method and get tools for relaxation, security and self-confidence during pregnancy and before birth, tools that you will benefit from for the rest of your life. Both as a mother-to-be and  partner will receive active and simple exercises that you can do for 20 minutes a day from week 30, which will facilitate and pregnancy that childbirth and the first time with the baby.

The benefits of Hypnobirthing are many:

  • A safe, informed and relaxed pregnancy
  • Safe, relaxed and present before, during and after childbirth
  • Increased understanding of natural childbirth
  • Reduced need for pharmacological pain relief
  • Increased energy and strength throughout the process
  • Simple tools and information for both mother and partner
  • Great importance on attachment to the child both before and after arrival​​


The methodology was started with the English doctor, Grantly Dick-Read´s research and book "Childbirth without fear" which was published in 1942. It has since been further developed by including Marie Mongan, in the USA and in my version of Katharina Graves in England, where I have adapted materials and methods to Swedish conditions together with Swedish midwifes and nurses.

The Hypnobirthing method is proven and can be learned by anyone. It has been used for many years in England and the USA and many mothers can today testify to the benefits of giving birth to their children with the help of the Hypnobirthing method.

The training

The course is two sessions and then includes Practical information about  choices you have the right to take a stand on. Self-hypnosis training to Release fears and anxieties Information about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

The anatomy of the birth - muscles and hormones in cooperation Breathing techniques and visualizations that facilitate Exercises in self-hypnosis Course material and recordings for mental training Support via email throughout the pregnancy

All materials are translated into Swedish conditions and adapted to Swedish conditions. and has been seen by two midwives, three hypnotists and one of Sweden's first mothers to give birth with this method.

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