Adrenaline Blow Out

Adrenaline Blow Out is a quick technique to rapidly rebalance your nervous system if it's caught up in strong emotions of anger, aggression, stress, anxiety, or fear.

It's used by special forces before and after operations but is just as useful for anyone from an angry child to a driver stuck in honking traffic jams.

It's a more effective calming technique than counting to ten when the fight or flight response is triggered and will clear thoughts, flush out carbon dioxide, release excess adrenaline, and provide energy to stay in the zone.

  1. Raise both hands above your head and clench your fists tightly.
  2. Take a deep breath and hold it.
  3. Quickly pull down and exhale with your elbows pointing downward (think of karate).
  4. Repeat three times.

The football team Dalkurd FF used this technique before, during, and after all matches during the period they went from Division 3 to Allsvenskan with mental training by Ulf Sandström using these techniques. There is a documentary about their journey that gives the film its name from what they shout when they do Blow-out. The technique is an adaption of Donna Edens Blow out the venom, exercise. 

Watch Blow-out in the trailer here: Allihopa - The Dalkurd Story

The full trailer:

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