A Session of Havening with Georgia Barnwell

I was asked to record and share an example of Role Havening from Havening Techniques, a somatic intervention.

My colleague Georgia Barnwell agreed to do a real session with me. Here it is, complete with deconstruction for anyone who wishes to reflect upon and learn - discuss and develop.

Well, we didn't role Haven exactly but it is a lot of past and future Outcome Havening with circle of excellence, Clean Language and an NLP technique I call "Helium-finger".

This is what Georgia said after the session: 

"After our session, I’m feeling like the ground is rising to meet me as I explore possibilities and choose how to move forward. Yippee!

Also realizing that I have no memory of the specific story that exploded during our session, and don’t need it. What I do remember is the piece of ground I stood on. And the next step for me here feels like I can honour the land for holding me safely as it did for some time, and allow it to release me to a new place. And as I write this, it happens."

If you are curious to learn any of these techniques let me know.

Thanks for allowing me to share Georgia.

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