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Ulf Sandström is one of Sweden’s foremost changemakers: individual, team and business booster, stress & trauma recovery expert, and a licensed mental trainer.

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“I consider Ulf to be one of the most creative visionary and intelligent people I know... his style and assets are divergent and brainstorming.”
Michael Grinder, Group Dynamics expert

For people’s wellbeing

Ulf is an ACEP humanitarian award-winner, author of Resolving Yesterday, cofounder of 2023 top-rated NGOPeaceful Heart Network and the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT). He is a certified international Havening Techniques trainer, an expert in presentation skills, and a licensed mental sports trainer.

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post-conflict trauma relief and care

Change from within

Whether you are an individual, team, band, or a business, Ulf brings experience from decades of exposure to human extremes and interactions, clinical studies and field work—into a powerful and validated toolset for change.

Some people spend up to 20 years in therapy, or use medication to treat the surface of their PTS, trauma, stress, depression, phobia, or whatever mystery condition they might have.

Using his divergent expertise, Ulf will help unlock you from the root—sometimes in only 7 minutes.

For Individuals

Resolve your PTS, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, bad habit, phobia, chronic pain, or mystery condition.

“...a wonderfully eye-opening experience... he was very successful in breaking ingrained patterns of thought and offering different perspectives from which to view the issues at hand.”
Hugo Ticciati, World-class solo violinist
Case examples
Turning around a 16-year chronic pain condition in one session over Skype.
Resolving a lifelong severe snake phobia in 7 minutes.
Resolving an unwanted lack of pregnancy in one session by removing a cat phobia.
Resolving a lifelong sweating condition with a 15 minute hypnotic laughing session.
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A private, confidential, ethical, and safe 60 minutes in-person session in Stockholm, or over Skype.

For Businesses

Boost your organizational engagement, communication, resilience, and wellbeing.

“Ulf guided our team on the path of insight and reflection of self. He showed us how we can reduce our obstacles of fear and uncertainties to be truly passionate in our daily creative work.”
Anders Frostenson, Managing Director, Doberman - a design firm in New York
Case examples
Resetting multiple year PTS condition symptoms in a police officer in two sessions.
Mentoring a corporate leader from inheriting a company, to successful exit — by bringing out the best possible judgement and eliminating fears.
Replicating the excellence of waiter Kalle, so that everybody in a restaurant can get the dishes over the dance floor.
“I felt so secure with him and the way he took time and patience for every individual, was truly amazing. Ulf really helped me move forward.”
Emma Valk, Your Majesty - a design & technology firm in New York
Theme examples
Work/Life Balance and Stress Control.
Boost Your Sales or Pitch Team with Advanced Presentation Skills and NLP.
Build Teams Effortlessly by Knowing How to Lead from the Right Place and State.
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At your space, event, or offsite.

For Learning

Learn a wide range of uncommon and efficient skills and techniques.

“The session was inspiring, and resulted in new awareness, perspectives, and insights about the relationship between the physical and mental learning environment.”
Sveinung Skaalnes, 30 Weeks - a Hyper Island with SVA, Parsons, Pratt, and The Cooper Union founders program
Theme examples
Advanced Presentation Skills for PhD Students.
Divergent tools for resolving stress and trauma with Havening Techniques and Trauma Tapping.
Speed Inductions for hypnosis that can put anybody in a trance in less than a minute.
“It was by far the most useful, informative and best course I have attended during my PhD.”
“This course was ‘out of the box’. Courses like this make a difference between world-leading and ‘small’ universities.”
“Ulf’s lesson on body language during oral presentation was incredibly helpful. I feel more comfortable with presenting my research thanks to this course.”
PhD Students at Karolinska Institutet - One of the World’s Foremost Medical Universities
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For single or recurring courses and curriculums.

For Sports

Bring your team together and provide them with a process for peak performance on a regular basis.

“I’ve met a lot of great people in the last 20 years, among them doctors, psychologists, therapists and other experts in various areas. It’s not often that somebody blows you out of the track, but it’s the best workshop I’ve been to. Ulf is a super-pro.”
Andreas Brännström, All-Swedish (the highest division) soccer trainer
Case examples
Bringing a soccer team into the highest division by unique short intervention mental guidance and prestige-strategy.
Bringing an Olympic athlete to medal by eliminating fears and hypno-visualizing the win.
Implementing a hypnotic trigger to activate a ”Robogolf” peak performance state for long drive championship in golf.
“A 4-hour long workshop about mental training flew by, I could have listened 4 more. Some of us were speed-coached with hypnosis afterwards, and to call the experience mind-blowing is probably an understatement.”
Frank Pettersson, Goalkeeper in Dalkurd FF
Case Study
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For yourself, or your team.

For Trauma

Learn how to handle stress and trauma practically, efficiently, and safely.

“The Peaceful Heart Network has found the most effective psychological tools for healing trauma, re-crafted them for communities with little financial means, and taken them to the front lines. They have done this with untiring dedication and commitment and have made a huge difference in the lives of many. I strongly endorse their work.”
David Feinstein, Ph.D. Psychologist
Case examples
Receiving ACEP Humanitarian Award for efficiently spreading tools for resolving stress & trauma in zones of post-conflict such as Rwanda and Congo, with a focus on empowering individuals to drive change.
Serving as an expert in stress and trauma management for non-specialists in Lesbos, Greece for the Lighthouse Refugee Relief Project.
Co-created an addiction recovery model based on resolving trauma.
Working with Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles training emotional and traumatic stress reduction techniques with volunteers and staff.
“This tool is versatile, easy to use, and down to earth. It can be used by peace practitioners, religious leaders, local state and non-state actors alike. In our capacity as Peace Makers, we find the technique impactful and transformative.”
Pastor Dr. James Movel Wuye & Imam Dr. Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa, Executive Directors, Interfaith Mediation Centre, Nigeria
Free Trauma Tool
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For yourself, your community, or your organization.