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I work with Hypnosis as a coaching and therapeutic intervention, using the tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming combined with my experiences from working with Post Traumatic Stress and Trauma Tapping for genocide survivors in Rwanda and survivors of war and sexual abuse in Congo through Peaceful Heart Network.With hypnosis I work on a one-to-one basis with anything you wish to change involving a thought, emotion or behavior. This includes a wide areas of issues such anxiety, phobias, sorrow, insecurity, motivation and self-esteem - many times alleviating clinical symptoms such as chronic pain, Irritable Bowl Syndrome or General Anxiety Disorder. I have experience of children with challenged situations, and with couples.I am also trained as a hypnobirthing instructor, and assist couples to prepare for and experience a natural birthing process using the HypnoBirthing© program of Katharine Graves, adapted to Swedish health care. I can arrange workshops in Quick Calibration of clients verbal/non-verbally Emotional Strategy Evaluation Trauma Tapping Technique and variations Clean Language Methapor Elicitation NLP-Techniques (swish patterns, fast phobia cure, anchoring, six-step etc) Feather balancing therapy Stuttering Strategy with internal metronome Sleight Of Mouth Belief Opening techniques Milton metaphors Dental Hypnosis Massage Therapist HypnosisI find the combination of Hypnosis, NLP-techniques and Trauma Tapping to be extremely powerful, simple to learn and use and very efficient for the following goals: Heal Traumas and PTSD Relieve Depression Change habits like overeating, smoking, procrastinating and other addictive or compulsive behaviors Resolve limiting beliefs and overcome fears Stop reacting to people who “push your buttons” and be at choice Move through Grief with Grace and Dignity Grief the Way Nature Intended Resolve conflicts, negotiate effectively thereby creating win-win results Differentiate between “Right Brain” and “Left Brain” cognitive thinking styles and easily adapting the way you communicate for increased comprehension and better rapport Design Healthy Relationships Visualize effectively for more immediate results Develop strategies for precise memory and information processing Discover the steps of turning your dreams into reality Create and solidify a true sense of identity for success, wellness, and happinessI speak My training includes Certified Hypnotist Certified Hypnotherapist Certified NLP Practitioner Certified Trauma Tapper Certified HypnoBirthing instructor Certified in Group DynamicsTogether with Gunilla Hamne, I am co-founder of PeaceFulHeart Network - a non-profit organisation working to teach and spread the tools of TTT (Trauma Tapping Treatment) in zones of war and poverty such as Rwanda, D.R. Congo, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Afghanistan. Our materials are free, and we distribute them by thousands to people in the areas where poverty and infrastructure are so poor that traditional therapies or medication simply are no option. Once taught we help these survivors empower themselves and their communities by treating others. For more information please feel welcome to visit with Fredrik Praesto I am a founder of the International Hypnotists Guild, which is a gathering organization for all roads of hypnosis, including useful techniques of stage hypnosis that can be integrated into client work.  See am passionate about hypnosis and holistic motivation as a road to personal well-being.


February 14, 2023

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