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Finest Boogie And Swing CollectionThe release Finest Boogie & Swing Collection is a collection of live performances over a 10 year period from 1994 – 2004. What I truly enjoyed about this collection is the 11 original tracks, which display the talents of Ulf as a singer/songwriter. His ability, as well as the entire band’s ability, to interpret the sound and feeling of the New Orleans style of music is pure magic. The original tracks such as “Barbeque”, “Happy”, and “Why oh Why” convey the New Orleans style with the energy and verve that you feel when you are listening to live music in New Orleans.The music captures the 40’s and 50’s as well as the New Orleans sound, which is not an easy format to play, but Jump4Joy does not just flirt with this style of music, they embody it throughout the standards and the original tracks on both releases. Jump4Joy’s history is as varied as their music, and as exciting as their showmanship.Luxury Eperience, Edward F. NestaLove PatrolPut this CD in your boom-box or your regular CD player & you get 13 tracks of hot jump-jive & boogie-woogie swing. Put the CD in your PC & you get what amounts to a whole website complete with pictures, blurb about the band, cool graphics and a hip video of Jump For Joy in full shout. This Swedish band is fronted by the piano acrobatics & vocal talent of Ulf Sandstrom with the honkingest sax imaginable played by Bo Gustafssen. Two guys named Anders make up the rhythm section, Anders Almberg (drums) & Anders Olsson (double bass), and what a stonking rhythm section they are. This album was recorded studio live with an audience present, a concept which adds much to the overall impact & effect. It's a real turn-on to hear this kind of music played with such a high degree of musicianship & gusto. The only way you'll get this CD away from me is to prise it from my dead grasp.BluesFreepress, England, Colin EverettCutest Lil’ BoogieCutest Lil’ Boogie is the aptly titled offering from Sweden’s jivemasters Jump4Joy. “100% Guitar-Free” reads the legend; over bass, drums and sax. Ulf Sandström hammers his piano and sings like an irresistible bad influence. Want originals? “happy” sounds like a jump classic, while “Just ‘cause I Left You” hits a Mose Allison groove. Tearing it up on “My Baby’s Boogying”, swinging hard on “Three Times A Fool”, or wasy-rolling New Orleans style on Champion Jack Dupree’s “Tee Han Han” – Jump4Joy is a blast!Blues Revue, USAKeep It UpThis is the first time that I’ve heard Swedish band Jump 4 Joy, but I’m sure I’ll be hearing them again.Their CD, Keep It Up is a nice mix of different styles of music, all loosely based on blues. Out of 11 tracks, seven are written by pianist Ulf Sandstrom, who shows that he knows his music & can play great piano. My favourite out of the original tracks has to be Big Black Mama, a slow, easy, traditional blues track which showcases Sandstrom’s fine piano playing. Personally, I wish that the whole album had been in this style. As it is, there is a good mix of different styles from funky blues to jump blues, with most styles in between.There are four good cover versions, including tracks by Willie Dixon and Snooks Eaglin, “Don’t You Tell Nobody” and “Let Me Go Home Whiskey,” which are given good up-tempo treatment which suits them really well. If you like boogie woogie piano, then it’s worth getting this CD just for the track “She Wants To Sell My Monkey” ... it had my foot tapping the whole time!www.bluenight.com/BluesBytes, Terry ClearThe SensationalA hard cooking New Orleans Piano Stew with blues, gospel, jazz and boogie influences. This is the record where the Zambian Heritage Brothers quartet are adding deep and charmy backup vocals in several places. Percussion magic.Recorded more or less live in Ping Pong Studio, Stockholm. Lot's of tape compression and analog 24 track recorder.The very first recording of Jump4Joy in 1992.“Another fine and tasty release by Ulf Sandström and his band Jump 4 Joy is the CD titled "Jump 4 Joy". His band has enjoyed hundreds of engagements for many years, backing such R&B Greats as Clarence "Frogman" Henry in 87, 88,89, and 1990, as well as The Drifters, Tommy Ridgley and even Albert King in 1988. A solid background in Jump R&B and Blues is the foundation for Ulf and his Jump 4 Joy.Smooth renditions of Nosey Joe, Breakin' Up The House, Diggin' My Potatoes, and Ulf's original tune Hoodoo Voodoo Man make this an enjoyable listen.Pacificblues.com, Ralph Parker


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