Ulf Sandström

Ulf Sandström

Born in Colombia to Swedish diplomats, Ulf had an unusual upbringing that started in Cuba with close proximity to Fidel Castro through his father’s work and in 5 more countries. He experienced the social effects of Soviet ruled communism, military dictatorship, democracy and right wing oligarchy. Ulf was intrinsically exposed to the effects of both extreme wealth and poverty, from which he acquired a multitude of perspectives and cultural references.

Ramon Castro, Ulf, and his father Anders in Cuba

Along the way he developed a fascination for similarities and differences in human interaction. As a musician he interacted with audiences all over the world: New Orleans, Cuba, India, China, Argentina, Europe, Borneo, Korea. From stage performance (over 6,000 gigs) to hypnosis, from hypnosis to tapping, from tapping to a number of modality changing techniques. From this to post-genocide Rwanda and Congo, finding new ways to resolve symptoms of stress and trauma, in now 20 countries for more than over a 100,000 people.

Ulf and Clarence “Frogman” Henry in New Orleans

Ulf helps people who have spent up to 20 years in therapy, or used medication to treat the surface of their PTS, trauma, stress, depression, phobia, or whatever mystery condition they might have. Using his divergent expertise, Ulf will help unlock you from the root—sometimes in only 7 minutes.

Adventures and cases

Ulf during his time with the Aché Indians in Brazil

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